Resources: The Real ‘Bond Pandemic’

  • Blog post from Elaine Hennig, one of the authors of both Part I and Part II, highlighting misleading coverage of bond reform and local leaders' role in combating misinformation | Click Here »
  • Press release highlighting our "Real 'Bond Pandemic'" report, Part I | Click Here »
  • Press release highlighting our "Materially Misleading" report, Part II | Click Here »
  • Blog post from Ben Greaves, one of the authors of Part I, which also includes the questions our team submitted to the four English-language stations whose coverage we analyzed | Click Here »
  • Petition where you can demand unbiased coverage from KPRC, KTRK, KHOU, and KRIV | Click Here »
  • Article on money bail from Arnold Ventures, including mention of Part I of our report | Click Here »
  • Interview with TCJE's Jay Jenkins, Elaine Hennig, and Ben Greaves from National Partnership for Pretrial Justice | Click Here »

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