2023 Legislation: Mental Health and Other Services for Kids

HB 5195 (Author: Senfronia Thompson | Sponsor: Johnson), Relating to the services provided to certain children detained in a juvenile detention facility. Per HB 5195, a child ordered to be detained in a juvenile facility pending criminal proceedings in adult court must, to the extent practicable, receive education, programming, and services consistent with minimum standards already in place for children in a juvenile facility. The administrator (or administrator’s designee) of a juvenile detention facility must: before the 21st day after a child is ordered to be detained, complete an initial assessment to evaluate the needs of the child; and develop a plan to ensure the child has an opportunity to make progress on identified rehabilitation goals pending trial. At least every 90 days, a status report must be produced that documents: the education, programming, and other services provided to the child; behavioral compliance or incidents, if any; any measurable progress on identified rehabilitation goals during the preceding 90 days of detention; and any comments, observations, or recommendations related to the child’s educational or rehabilitative needs. Effective on 9/1/23 

During the 2023 session of the Texas Legislature, the Texas Center for Justice and Equity tracked around 40 youth and adult justice bills that made it to the Governor's desk. You can find links to all of our analyses in our 2023 Bill Analysis Guide.