2023 Legislation: In-Prison Education

SB 2158 (Author: King | Sponsors: Murr; Talarico), Relating to the establishment of an adult education pilot program by the Windham School District. SB 2158 requires the Windham School District (WSD) – the educational program provider for Texas’ prison system – to establish a pilot program under which one or more nonprofit entities must provide an adult education program to enable incarcerated people to successfully complete a high school program that can lead to a diploma. People between the ages of 26 and 50 are eligible to enroll if they have failed to: complete the curriculum requirements for high school graduation; perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument required for high school graduation; or earn a high school equivalency certificate. WSD must enter into a memorandum of understanding with at least one nonprofit to provide an adult education program, and it must require the nonprofit entity to identify each region of Texas in which the entity is able to operate the program. WSD must identify at least three schools among those it operates that are suitable to serve as sites for the pilot program. Effective on 5/23/23 

During the 2023 session of the Texas Legislature, the Texas Center for Justice and Equity tracked around 40 youth and adult justice bills that made it to the Governor's desk. You can find links to all of our analyses in our 2023 Bill Analysis Guide.