The Real Bond Pandemic - Most Quoted Officials

Though many factors contribute to the imbalance in coverage of bond, the use and selection of ‘expert’ references is particularly revealing. The most commonly quoted sources in bond articles are individuals and groups that have a stake in the criminal legal process against defendants; these references often explicitly voice opposition towards bond reform. Each card below flips to offer top-line statistics and a link to further information.

Kim Ogg

Kim Ogg
Harris County District Attorney

Referenced in 14 articles
(6% of sample)

71% of articles negatively biased

Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo
Former Houston Police Chief

Referenced in 35 articles
(15% of sample)

77% of articles negatively biased

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers

Referenced in 76 articles
(34% of sample)

99% of articles negatively biased

Harris County DA's Office

Harris County District Attorney's Office

Referenced in 55 articles
(24% of sample)

60% of articles negatively biased

Houston Police

Law Enforcement

Referenced in 141 articles
(62% of sample)

52% of articles negatively biased